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Early Champs: Aged 4-7

Introduction of the game with fun-filled playing opportunities.

athlete aged between 8 and 12

Developmental: Aged 8-12

Focusing on the technique and develop the basics of the game.

athlete aged between 13 and 16

Competitive: Aged 13-16

Introduction of tactical elements and building the competitive mindset.

athlete aged between 16 and 20

Elite: Aged 16-20

Focusing on building top-level fitness and increasing speed of play.


Find international opportunities play sports in Europe and North America while completing high-school, undergradate, or graduate degree. 

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Build Time-Management Skills

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NL Academy strives to provide the optimal training and guidance for every athlete.

Parent Testimonials

“NLSM is a platform where my kids can learn more about football and develop social and life skills and be happy. My journey has been amazing. My kids have been so much more active and they love going to training.”
Anika Rahman
Parent Of Azaan & Ameerah Khan​
“NLSM is doing an amazing job in instilling proper values and helping Aajman build up his confidence and improve his game. The coaches are very friendly and providing an excellent training service.”
Zahid Hassan
Parent Of Aajman Hassan
Had a very nice experience with them. The coaches are good, so is the management. The membership fee is on the higher side, but worth every penny. As parents, we hope you will constantly improve the quality of training and methodology.
Md. Tanjil Shivan
Parent Of Rushaid Tanzil

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