Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I join NLSM?

Head over to our registration page.

Submit Profile -> Pay Registration Fees -> Welcome Aboard!

2. How do you recruit players?

We welcome all players who are eager and motivated to continue football, and aspire to take their game to the next level.

3. How do you guys operate?

NLSM trains and develops players registered under NLSM. Our training is grueling, intensive and pro-aimed. We have different levels of programs based on age levels. Our goal is to shape an athlete from an early stage and guide them throughout the elite program. We will then connect them with opportunities ranging from collegiate sports scholarships to contracts with soccer academies and professional clubs both domestically and internationally.


4. How are you different from other academies?

Our team is our biggest asset. Our founders lived through the college recruitment process, played in NCAA & NAIA leagues in the United States and have extensive connections with coaches and scouts around the world. The coaches under NLSM are highly skilled and hold AFC & UEFA certifications. We have our own tech and marketing teams who are equally passionate about football development in Bangladesh.

5. What services do you guys provide?

NLSM provides a comprehensive football program. This includes training programs, nutrition plans, strength and conditioning, physio & rehab, college recruitment consulting, professional contract management & transfer. We have a designated team that creates exclusive player profiles and highlight reels for each athlete in our database. Down the line, we aim to have our own coaches educator programs.


6. Do you help with college recruitment?

Yes, we take care of the full college recruitment process and provide a pathway for the athletes with options based on  their preferences. Our goal is to provide our NLSM athletes with the highest academic and athletic scholarships.

7. How long is each training session?

Each training session is usually 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

8. How long is each training session?

We train 3 days a week.

9. How can you help me get recruited?

NLSM will create and outline a player pathway for you. We will train you with our pro-aimed programs, put you in the right nutrition and fitness program. We will then send your highlight tape to our pool of coaches all around the world.

10. Is this program for males only, or do you also have female football development programs?

We are heavily focusing on the development of women’s football in Bangladesh. Our programs are designed for male and female.

11. Where is the venue located for the training sessions?

The Stadium, Bashundhara.