Rahbar Heaps Praise With A Stunning Debut


Dhaka, Bangladesh – Rahbar Khan is a reflection of the saga of persistence, perseverance and grit in the face of adversity. Through strict discipline, Rahbar has proven to be both an entertainer and an inspiration. Playing football felt like a natural calling to him for as long as he can remember, Rahbar was so passionate that he would never miss the opportunity to go to the field, imitating tricks he had learnt from video games and seeing his idols in the English Premier League. In addition to that, school tournaments and playing with his friends took his dedication to the next level. 

Upon receiving an invitation from the Bangladesh National Team, Rahbar proudly played in the Three Nations Cup in Kyrgyzstan. Following the tournament, he flew back to Bangladesh with the National Team. Rahbar’s father was overjoyed with pride to be able to watch his son represent Bangladesh in the Three Nations Club. For his son to play for the National Team and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) was always his father’s dream. Pushing Rahbar to negotiate and strike a deal with Sheikh Jamal. To fulfill his father’s dream, Rahbar kept his promise and finally signed with Sheikh Jamal on 25th October 2021, setting off to play for the Bangladesh Premier League for the 2021-22 season.

Rahbar already made an excellent start in the Independence Cup 2021 with 2 assists in 3 games, starting all 3 games. He is determined to secure his spot in the starting 11 and thus far, has been a key player for the club. When asked about his goals for the season, Rahbar mentioned that he is expecting to improve his game and use the dynamics of his abilities to propel Sheikh Jamal to the finals. 

Stepping out on the field brings a sense of nervousness and profound pressure to even the best of athletes. In spite of that, with utmost sincerity and brevity, Rahbar takes this feeling as an advantage and channels that into his game. 

Following Rahbar’s signing with Sheikh Jamal, the adjustments have been going smoothly. The team management and officials have been very helpful in accommodating him, and the players are equally as excited as the administrators. Helping him build good relationships on and off the field. 

When asked about his personal goal for the season, he stated the following ‘’I wish to be one of the top midfielders for the club and the country” said Rahbar.

A message from Rahbar to the next generation footballers: 

“There will be times when things won’t work, things won’t be worth it, and you will feel like quitting because that is always the easy way out. But I will wake up the next morning and try again. It’s okay for me to fail but it’s not okay for me to give up without trying. Sometimes, I feel lazy, which is normal, and I would try to skip training. But then I remind myself that every little thing counts. I have molded myself to be very disciplined with my lifestyle. I have seen equally or even better talented people fading away from football because it is a huge commitment. Despite graduating and having a 9 to 5 job, I have never moved away from football.I never imagined that I would be in this stage in a span of 3 months. I trained to be better, to always be the best version of myself, and today all the hard work really paid off. ‘’

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