Sadat Signs With Mohammedan Sporting Club

Initially, his sporting interests lied elsewhere; it was almost by chance that Sadat took towards football. However, in hindsight this decision has helped steer pivotal turns of his life all the while paving new opportunities that have helped him flourish as an individual. Sadat Hamid currently plays professionally for Mohameddan Sporting Club as a Defender and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the North South University.

A journey of a student-athlete entails much more than what can be grasped when observed from a surface level – It is defined by guts, grit, guidance and opportunities. Sadat grew up in Banani DOHS, a neighbourhood home to incredibly talented amateur footballers. Naturally, the intense level of competition meant he would mostly have to sit on the sidelines during his starting years. This in turn motivated him to improve on the basics of his game through observing the more experienced players on the pitch. While the initial stages of his progression as a footballer took a steady and gradual route, Sadat remained vigilant for his turn to showcase his talent. When the opportunity presented itself, he moved on to playing semi-professionally for the Bashundhara Kings Academy. Finally in 2020, Sadat went through a trial to get his break as a professional football player, signing for Mohammeddan Sporting Club.

According to Sadat, a common theme shared amongst his colleagues and himself at Mohammeddan regardless of their unique backgrounds, is their appreciation of competition. He believes it to also be a necessary quality for all who are aiming at a student-athlete life. His commitment towards consistent growth has played a central role in helping him balance between academia and athletics thus far.

“While I am dedicated towards establishing a career in football at the present time, I recognize the value education holds for my future endeavours. Although my coach and club are supportive of my academic efforts, there remains room for improvement within the structure of professional football clubs in Bangladesh in regards to facilitating education for young players. NLSM is an organization which caters to such needs precisely – they understand the importance of a player’s growth on a holistic scale and look to assist in the development of young talents both on and off the pitch. I am beyond excited to see how the NLSM team impacts the landscape of athletics in Bangladesh through their unique curriculum.”

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