Scholarship In Hand, Shams Commits To Houghton

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Inspired by his father and elder brother, Shams started playing football at a very young age with the aim of playing alongside with the best players one day. However, it was only a far-fetched dream until Shams joined NLSM which helped him chase his goal that he has been dreaming of ever since he was a child. Recently, with the thoroughgoing guidance of Shayer Khan, our Co-Founder and Director of Recruitment, Shams applied to Houghton Academy, a distinguished school, located in Buffalo, New York. After a detailed application process, followed by an interview, Shams received his acceptance letter and scholarship package early November and will continue his high school education in the United States.

From competing with his elder brother and other children in the neighborhood, to playing in inter-house competitions of BAF SEMS, it was Shams’ ferocious passion and determination that him to represent his school in inter school tournaments against other schools of the city. Even though Shams has an exceptional collection of medals, trophies and crests, it wouldn’t suffice the triumph of inter school tournaments. Being in the finals of interschool thrice and not bringing the trophy home has been a real struggle, a difficult reality to accept.   ” When you give your all and still end up being defeated, it’s tough. Despite everything, I never lose hope when I look at my teammates and their constant efforts of supporting each other,” said Shams. Having played the last interschool SEMS hosted, the memorable experience and heated atmosphere were absolutely unmatched. 

Under the competent coaches and proficient training of NLSM, Shams was made aware of how much professionalism, expertise and strict discipline it requires to be a pro. Besides, listening to the authority has helped him grow into a better individual with more insight about himself and the game. Furthermore, this dynamic ideology and raging ambition for competing have kept him playing consistently and overly determined to win.

Upon researching and applying to at least 10 schools, Shams got his acceptance letter from two of them which were located in Canada. However, his goal was to obtain admission in an institution in New York as he had always wished to settle there. This is when Shayer Khan proposed two options, a foundation course or a high school diploma in Shams’ preferred institution. Shayer recommended that Shams opt for a high school diploma and thus he continued applying to high schools, meeting all conditions required to get in, until eventually, the acceptance letters started rolling in. 

Nonetheless, the whole process was stressful but everything was worth it when Shams was asked by the Houghton Academy to do an interview. Initially, the nervousness was settling in but soon he was overwhelmed by the comfort when the interrogator was truly satisfied and impressed with his passion for football. 

Later on, he got the official acceptance letter. Shams will now move to New York in January to continue chasing his dreams of becoming a footballer and continue his education.


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