Shayer Khan Signs With University of Charleston Men’s Soccer

Football was a constant in Shayer’s day-to-day, growing up – representing his school team in CGSD and playing with friends in DOHS. His next step was to join Houghton Academy, in Buffalo, NY, where he captained the Varsity Soccer Team, Big 30 All-Star team & was selected in the National Honours Society for academic excellence. Shayer is currently a student-athlete at the University of Charleston, 2017 & 2019 NCAA DII National Champions. In addition to playing for the National Championship team, Shayer has also successfully maintained his position in the Dean’s list throughout his degree.

The defining factors of Shayer’s journey as a student-athlete has been dedication and discipline. Coming off a high-school level, Shayer had to quickly adjust to a more intense and competitive collegiate athletics. The demands from the coaches were intensive, each player covering 9-12 km per game, on average. Playing with players with professional experience from all around the globe, Shayer realized his talent would have to be supplemented by a lot of hard work off the field, in order to earn a sustained spot in his team. Outside of team trainings, Shayer spent countless hours in the gym, conditioning his strength & fitness levels as well as taking on individual training sessions on the field to improve his on-the-ball abilities.

“Guidance plays a crucial role in defining someone’s journey as a student-athlete. Through NLSM, I want to fill the gaps in guidance I faced in the early stages of my efforts. I am dedicated towards creating an institution which helps young athletes from Bangladesh to dream bigger and assists them in realizing those dreams.”

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