Our Sponsors​

Establishing a sustainable platform geared towards sports development requires inventive methods, strategy and high quality programs. In our NL Academy, we believe everyone has the right to play. Soaring expenses of sports facilities, coaching and league fees have made football participation unattainable for many. Our sponsors play a critical role in keeping fees and costs affordable for all NLSM athletes.

Academy Sponsor - Discovery One

We are proud to be associated with Discovery One, an esports platform showing greater interest in the development of youth football and sports in Bangladesh.

In collaboration with our title sponsor Discovery One, we started the Discovery One Scholarship Program. Athletes aged 12-18 from low income backgrounds are eligible for waiver of monthly subscription fees, given that they meet performance and minimum income requirements.

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Click here to learn more about the Discovery One Scholarship.

Kit Sponsor - Dour

NLSM and Dour unite to equip NL athletes with premium sportswear taking their performance to the next level!

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