From Dhaka To Malaga: The Journey Of Tahseen

Tahseen’s record of six consecutive inter-school tournament wins with his school team Scholastica, inspired him to recognize his natural tenacity for the sport. Banking on his momentum, Tahseen quickly shifted his focus on to his next steps – taking his talent towards a professional route.

He compiled his tournament footages into a highlight reel, displaying his skills as a footballer in thorough details. Although Tahseen’s initial aim was inclined only towards collegiate football in North America, he decided to explore his options further in Europe. Upon researching on academies and their programs with the help of the NLSM team, Tahseen came across FC Malaga City Academy in Spain.

His application package and in-game footage immediately caught the attention of academy International Scout Ivan Parra. Tahseen was then invited to spend his Gap-Year training with FC Malaga City’s U23 B team in the Spanish 6th Division, for their 2020-21 season campaign.

How was your experience playing for a professional academy in international soil?

“Training in an international facility has changed my perspective of the sport substantially. I have realized that football is heavily intertwined with culture and thus there are numerous philosophies attached to it. Over the course of my time there, I’ve taken on challenges head on and put myself out of my comfort zone; experienced a new culture in a way I have never before. I’ve met amazing individuals in the process and am stoked on the quality of connections I’ve made thus far.”

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